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Workplace Generational Divide: Who’s better? neighborhoody @neighborhoody

Is a majority of one generation within the workplace better than the other? Why are we even arguing who is better? Instead, we should be leveraging strengths instead of arguing about weaknesses. I’ve been hearing a lot of conversation circling around which generation should be considered the “alpha” in the workforce. Is it the Baby […]

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Good Communication is All About Timing, Platform, and Relevancy

Good Communication HOA Homeowners Association Condo Community

The modern medium(s) available to transact information in the digital age doesn’t change the need to communicate, they only change the how; and, of course, the speed at which information is distributed and consumed. Cave drawings from the Paleolithic era are some of the earliest forms of communication. Drawings of animals, shapes, and people tell […]

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Why Self-service Matters for Community (HOA) Management Companies

Community association self service websites hoa neighborhoody @neighborhoody

No matter how quick and friendly your homeowner and community management customer support staff is, low value, repeatable queries are best handled in a self-service fashion. What is self-service? Think of the self-checkout kiosk at your local grocery store or an ATM at the bank. Self-service leverages technology, machines, and automation to service customer’s low […]

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The HOA Budget is the Secret Sauce for Adopting New “Software & Technology” in your HOA

HOA Budget for Technology Software HOA Websites -

We live in a world where websites, mobile devices, and apps run our lives. Yet, some communities and management companies still struggle with adopting and implementing new technology. How do we encourage the adoption of new software and technology in community associations? It’s actually really simple: You must budget for it. Just about everything we […]

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Why “HOA Websites” Are Transitioning from Vitamins to Oxygen

HOA websites are oxygen, not vitamins neighborhoody @neighborhoody

Community Association and HOA Websites are becoming mainstream. They used to be vitamins, now they’re more like oxygen — necessary to survive in the digital age. If your community association had an HOA website 10-15 years ago, it was “cool” or a competitive advantage for community association management companies. Today, if your community or HOA […]

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